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-Our Story-


Mimmo, Pino and Rosario grew up in Sava, a small village in southern Italy (Apuglia). Both from a hotel school, they worked over a 20 years period for the italian restaurant business. On april 2001, our three friends decided to create their own restaurant : 

 La Campagnola !

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- Our Story -

Notre Histoire
Notre Cuisine

- Our Food-

Roasario, Mimo and Pino are determined to offer a traditional italian food, close to the grandmas kitchen we enjoy so much. All dishes are home cooking as well as most of our desserts. We use fresh and first-rate quality products.


Depending on season, La Campagnola always offers you unusual dishes : Talagliatelles with wild boar meat or for example truffle pizze ! 

A quality that enables us to serve you for the past 17 years.


Les Pouilles

It is often said that Italy  is a "boot". Apuglia is the boot heel. Not only this region is well known for its wine, its wilde fields of olive trees, its littoral but also for its heritage with cities such as Bari, Lecce, Alberobello.

Sava, the village where our three friends grew up, is in the midst of this region ! 

- Pictures-

Quelques Photos
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